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Salad with Smoked Salmon

What's for Dinner?
June 19, 2024

What's for Dinner?

For an easy salad, pick up the following items:

o Local spring mix from our farmers here in the valley

o Cherry tomatoes

o Smoked salmon filet (in the specialty meats and cheeses case). One filet will serve two people.

o Store-roasted cauliflower or broccoli

o Croutons (aisle 1, near the bread)

o Add a baguette for carbs and to help scoop the salad onto your fork!


Salmon is healthy, and smoked salmon has a delicious flavor that infuses each bite of the salad. Incorporating chilled vegetables which we’ve already cooked and seasoned (like the cauliflower or broccoli) gives the salad a satisfying density.


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